How Augmented Reality Can Be Utilized In eCommerce?

June 26, 2020

Augmented Reality in eCommerce

The rapid growth of digital consumers today necessarily demands an evolution of the available mobile devices along with market capabilities. This scenario has led to the advent of the future of retail in the form of augmented reality, which has turned into one of the most vital tools across the technological industry. It offers the same perks as shopping in a physical store, and the technology has taken the e-commerce world by a storm.

As discussed, the synergy of augmented reality and innovation has transformed the physical presence of the e-commerce space. And it is known as one of the most crucial parts of the technological revolution. Further, augmented reality has completely changed how we interact with different stakeholders. Since its inception, it has gradually seeped its way into most industries, and especially that of e-commerce. Let’s discuss why you should use AR in eCommerce portals?

Innovations allied with Augmented Reality

Many of you might have heard of the significant innovations about Augmented Reality and how it has been beneficial to making video games what it is today! However, if we explore and go deeper into it, we also find that it serves as an excellent tool for marketing, a device that is extremely customer friendly. Also known as AR, it is a rising trend in the world of eCommerce that enables computer-generated objects to coexist in the surrounding physical realm with the help of web or mobile applications.

With the help of AR, individuals can view how an object appears in the environment, without being physically present. Today, retailers are intensely focused on creating an increasingly engaging experience online. With the help of this technology, retailers can avail of a more interactive, personal, and pleasant buying experience that guarantees to re-define your shopping experience forever.

How Can Augmented Reality Be Used In The eCommerce Space?

Why should you use AR in eCommerce portals? The answer to this question is to make online shopping needs convenient. This scenario is a wish that has always been prioritized by online shoppers and retailers for ages. It is none other than the augmented reality that has made everyone’s dream a reality now. This scenario has managed to address many challenges that have been troubling online shoppers vehemently. Augmented reality in eCommerce is being utilized by online retailers to show the products and services in a surprisingly new light.

If you are wondering how AR can be used in online shopping, here is a detailed analysis of it. Let us explore the essential ways in which eCommerce is putting innovative technology to its best use.

  • Virtual fitting room

The emergence of the ‘selfie’ has made individuals a lot too comfortable to be in front of the camera. They are now happily turning the devices that allow them to try any piece of clothing virtually. This scenario helps customers to grab a better understanding of how the garment will look on them. Additionally, it further incorporates several innovations where customers can preview and explore it from varied angles. Hence, the technology offers improved guidance to customers while shopping online that enables them to virtually test and make their ideal pick.

  • Home placement

With the help of AR, customers now can preview how a specific product looks in their own home. This innovative feature lets shoppers try and test whether the product will be ideal for your home or not. Hence, it offers a greater sense of ownership and takes the shopping experience beyond the ordinary. It takes its consumers a step ahead, where customers can place the object and test its appeal. It helps to bring about a greater sense of convenience, but it also helps to save an appropriate amount of time during purchase. Instead of moving the objects around, customers need to move the phone screen. Hence, the technology adds a significant boost to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Virtual store

Online retailers can create an impressive virtual in-store experience and enjoy customer engagement with the utmost possibilities. Offline retailers are wondering how online retailers can use AR to induce a virtual store that opens up new opportunities for creative marketers.

Why is Augmented Reality important for Ecommerce?

E-commerce businesses worldwide find it extremely difficult to meet the biggest challenge, a psychological barrier faced by most consumers while shopping for products online. Furthermore, it leads to an unimaginable loss as a result of the shopper’s inability to evaluate and envision the use of the product.

This scenario is where the technology steps in and helps you understand why you should use AR in eCommerce portals. By bridging the gap, it allows users to visualize the products they intend to buy.

Benefits Of Using AR In eCommerce Industry

Augmented reality serves as offering a significant boost to shoppers that make them feel comfortable while keeping them encouraged and motivated.

  • Enhances customer experience

According to research, a total of 61% of online shoppers prefer to buy from platforms integrated with technology. Augmented reality enables customers to shop online while exploring a lot of innovative facilities. It lets them view the product like a physical model and interact with it in the same manner as they otherwise would have done in a store.

This benefits customers to know more about the product and how the purchase would benefit them. By helping customers acquire a clear understanding of how the product would fit in their lives, the technology builds strong customer engagement. It improves the online shopping experience and customer loyalty to a more significant extent.

  • Enables personalized shopping experience

Most of the buyers usually prefer exploring varied choices and preferences before making the final choice. With the help of AR in online portals, customers now can experience shopping virtually, right from the comfort of their own homes. By incorporating a significant form of customization, shoppers can explore product colors, designs, themes, patterns, and more through the online medium.

  • Saves time and energy

There is no denial of the reality that we are overloaded with work today, and for the little time we get for shopping, we usually prefer doing that online. If you have been wondering what the actual effects and impacts of AR in the space of eCommerce are, well, it goes beyond just the virtual experience. The innovative technology enables individuals to test a product to check whether it deems fit for the individual, his office, or the home. Hence, customers no longer need to travel back and forth to a physical store to check the suitability, nor do you need to exchange a product multiple times to get the appropriate one. With AR, now you can save not only your precious time but also energy.

  • Retain customers for a more extended period

Several online platforms are seen offering instructional videos online that aids buyers in garnering a strong understanding of a product. AR not only helps individuals interact with the product but also explore the functionalities well. The technology has benefited platforms to retain shoppers for a more extended period with maintaining their attention span. The increase of dwell time helps websites to function better not only in the realm of sales but also digitally.

AADA – Transforming Online Shopping Experience

Wondering how AR is changing the eCommerce sector? The following case study will rightly help you grab a better understanding.

AADA, a famous Augmented Reality app development company, has brought about the innovative solution for a luxury watch selling portal, one of the best AR eCommerce examples that have altered the shopping experience online. The solution was the perfect fit for the client looking for a platform with a relevant experience that can create an application embedded with augmented reality for the customers.

The platform has completely revamped the advanced website along with a mobile app to enable customers to experience a new form of watch shopping experience. The app facilitates customers to try the watches on the wrist with the help of the improved technological features. Customers have the flexibility to browse and shop for innovative collections and accessories while trying it out for themselves. This scenario helps to narrow down their choices while offering the convenience to make up the mind effortlessly.

The app created is also accessible by two admin, retailers, and customers. While it enables retailers to generate orders for varied offline customer sales, it also allows customers to make a direct purchase from the company. It’s a key example of how online retailers can use AR?

Get in touch with our professionals to revamp your eCommerce platform and help it derive a new sense of usability. The technology can rightly serve your business needs and give it the right dimension it deserves.

Moving Forward

With online retailers seeking to bring a sharp improvement in the conversion rates while bolstering increased revenue, the benefits of using AR in the eCommerce industry cannot be emphasized enough. Augmented reality offers several businesses the innovative chance to create a creative shopping experience that lets them interact virtually and offers them the flexibility they require.

The growth has been necessarily driven by the rapid increase in the use of smartphones, payment solutions, and broadband connections. With fierce competition onboard, organizations must understand why augmented reality is essential for eCommerce and craft a real strategy that will propagate a strong partnership between an eCommerce company and an augmented reality platform to develop and maintain a sharp edge over the competition.

Time Card Written By: Sophie Cook

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