App & Website for a leading luxury watch design company

The company is the first to deal in personalized range of limited edition steel Rolex sports watches, creating a collection of stunning and desirable timepieces.

Client Requirement

With offline presence all over the world, they wanted to improve their online presence by revamping their existing E-commerce site and add a mobile app to the solution along with it. The app allows anyone to try the watches on their wrist using Augmented Reality as well as browse and shop the collection and accessories, book repairs and receive all latest updates.

Client was looking for someone with previous similar experience who can create an app that will simulate how a watch will look on a wrist. App would be accessible by 2 sets of users i.e. Retailers & Customers. Retailers would be able to generate orders for Offline customer sales. Customers would have an option to buy watches directly from the company.

App Features

Registration & Login

  • App featured registration for customers & login for both customers as well as retailers.
  • Both set of users have access to a few distinct features like Inventory management for retailers and wish-list for customers.

View Collection

  • All users can browse through the watch collection & accessories and order them through the app using a credit/debit card. Payment was handled using Stripe as a payment gateway.

Augmented Reality Experience

  • We developed an iPhone app that provides an immersive experience using ARKit and enables both marker based as well as marklerless capabilities. What this means is a user could try a 3D hologram of a watch on his hand with exact scale of a real watch with/without a marker that acts a reference to display the watch model.

My Cart

  • As you expect in an e-commerce app, the mobile app remembers any product that you added to the cart to purchase anytime at a later stage.

Order History

  • Any orders placed by customer/retailer show up under order history.
  • User is able to keep track of orders and know if they are shipped/delivered.

Request Repair / Service

  • Any watch that is purchased from the company enabled the option to request for a repair or service through the app.
  • Once a request is placed, company will contact the user and arrange for pickup and delivery of the watch once the request has been addressed.
  • The app user has the opportunity to track the progress of the request via the app as it moves through different stages.

News Notification

  • From time to time app receives updates and notifications related to products and offers that customer can take benefits from.

Retailer Inventory Management

  • As a retailer, one can manage their inventory within the app and make new orders as and when it needs to be replenished.

Website Features

Registration & Login

  • A user can register on the website and enter his details that would create a profile for him and all details would be used to fulfill the order that he makes on the site.

Watch Collection

  • Website allows users to browser through watches and accessories with in depth detail on each watch.
  • User also has an ability to search for specific watches using a filter on the collection page. There are multiple filter options like Model, Fitting, Case size, coating, etc.

E-Commerce solution to buy watches & accessories

  • We completely redesigned the website from scratch to provide a seamless buying experience and enable the client to moderate all details showcased on site.
  • This was a big leap from the the version that they were plying as it was extremely difficult to maintain the static site over time.

Multiple Currency Support

  • The website has the ability to recognize the user’s preference and allow the user to pay in their native currency. The site supported transactions in multiple currencies like USD, Euro, GBP etc.

Admin Panel

E-Commerce Website Content Management

  • The aim with creation of admin panel was to empower the site owner with absolute control over the information that is being fed onto the site.
  • No information visible on the site is deployed statically and can be updated/moderated by accessing the admin panel.

App Content Management

  • Apart from the website, all details showcased in the app are managed via the admin panel.
  • Processing of the orders, service requests as well as fulfillment of retailer orders is handled from a single place.

Order Processing

  • This feature allows the company to keep the customer abreast with the stage at which their corresponding order is.

Handle Repair/Service Requests

  • Whenever a customer or a retailer generates a request for a repair/service, an entry is fed into the admin panel.
  • The service engineer can keep in touch with the end client by notifying the stage of the request, whether it is in inspection, needs a payment or the request is complete.
  • All this stages can be tracked by the user from their app.

Handle Subscriptions

  • The website allows users to subscribe to company’s newsletters.
  • All users who subscribe are listed in the Subscriptions section and get updated on news and information from time to time.

Broadcast News

  • This feature allows the company to broadcast news and offers to all the registered users that shall be received on the apps and emails in case of website users.